Rainbow Labradorite Raw Crystal Stone | Remove Negativity | Manifestation | Cosmic Awareness


Labradorite enhances the mental and intuitive abilities and assists in communication with higher guides and spirits. As a workplace stone, Labradorite brings out the best in people, making work life more congenial. Labradorite tempers the negative side of our personality, the traits and actions that rob our energy and may produce depression or shame. It assists in reducing anti-social, reckless, or impulsive behavior of all ages who are more weak-minded and easily influence by others. If you’ve been working on your spiritual growth, this stone may boost the abilities within the chakras that are above the heart chakra.

Crystals emit positive, uplifting, energizing, and calming vibrations that help you achieve a more peaceful mind and a revitalized physical state of being.

Like anything related to your health and wellness—from green juice to yoga to meditation—crystals can be an addition to your routine, but not a substitute for a doctor’s orders nor a be-all, end-all solution.

Aside from all mentioned, they make as great decorative home decor and add ons as your personalized gifts!


  • Images may vary slightly due to resolution and lighting.
  • Sizes range from 2cm to 7cm, depending on batch.
  • Please contact via chat for any questions or additional images required.

60 to 79 grams (1pc), 80 to 99 grams (1pc)


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