Amethyst, the birthstone of February


February birthstone people are honest, loyal, and humble. They love making new friends but rarely show how much they enjoy it. They’re also romantic on the inside but have difficulty demonstrating it.

They get angry easily, but they don’t let other people see it. They can also become quite superstitious.

I believe Amethyst is one of the most popular and prominent crystals because of its beautiful coloration as well as its spiritual and literal meaning.

The spiritual meaning of Amethyst is being grounded, tranquillity, and calm. The literal meaning of Amethyst is “not intoxicated” – its name translates from the Greek word améthystos.

Amethyst works to purify any space of negative vibrations. It calms and cools excessive emotions and eases the transition to a more meditative state.

They are reported to open a person’s third eye which is considered to be a source of power and wisdom.

It promotes self-control and strengthens the bond between two people in a romantic relationship. It’s also known to stabilize your restless mind and strengthen your emotional and mental well-being.

Those who have Amethyst as their birthstone have abstract thoughts. They love both reality and the abstract.

They are very clever and intelligent. They use these thoughts to improve the work they do in their careers and to find the best resolutions to their personal problems.

However, their personalities also tend to change often. They can be quiet and shy one moment, and then temperamental and aggressive the next.

Zodiac signs associated: Aquarius and Pisces

As a strong believer of energy and choice, I self-read and study about horoscopes and crystals. That doesn’t mean I allow these to take control of my life. Remember to evaluate and make choices you feel best at the point of time.

How to Cleanse Your Crystals

  • Soak them in clean water. Make sure the gemstones submerge completely in the water. You may add salt but not a compulsory. Leave them for 10 to 15 mins.
  • Drained the crystals and spread and lay them out on something flat.
  • Sun them in morning preferably. Leave them for at least half an hour. The purpose of this is to “absorb” the energy from the sunlight. You may also choose to do so during night, when the full moon is up.
  • Sage it if you like but not necessary.

Cleaning your crystals is not about superstitious. Just like your home, your clothes. You wash and clean them to rid the dirt.

Energies is like wind. You can’t see it but you feel them. How you take care of your environment plays a key factor on your own vibration.

There no point to put crystals, gemstones, figurines, status etc. if you don’t bother to maintain them properly.

The purpose of Home Hut Dot Me is built with thoughts of self-empowerment and lifting good vibrations and vibes to our environment.

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