Do I want to be Right or Happy?

My personal opinion is why people turn to spiritual is because in their reality world, they lost hope somehow. But humans being humans, we strive to look for survival instead of death.

This makes me think. “Do I want to be happy or do I want to be right”?

When reality becomes difficult, the easier way to make the mind and heart find comfort is believing something beyond. Somehow it will justify why we are going through the down times in life. To be honest, this is not a bad method because it helps to tide through difficult times.

During my younger days (since late 20s), I don’t have any belief there’s life after death even though I learn a lot through Buddhism. Buddha is my mentor, my teacher and someone I respect because his teaching on compassion, contentment, forgiveness and life philosophy is something I can agree with.

What is important in my personal view is, to be happy and make the best of your living years.

Everyone is given a choice to make decision how they want to live, be it in a good or bad way. It will make the world a better place if we go in a positive direction and be kinder to one another. But if we choose to go negative and make wrong choices that hurt or harm others, we just have to bear the consequences.

I used to judge people but now, I understand everyone has their story, be it they are an angel or devil. We all have many sides of us, depending on circumstances and situations.

Recently, I shared this thought with a customer though I shared with many.

When I was doing volunteering work in a hospice day-care before, the elderly always calls me kind-hearted lady. I was not comfortable with that because I’m there not because I’m kind or bad hearted. I’m there is because they make me HAPPY. That’s why I’m there. But that’s how people view and I don’t like that though. I don’t like to be “labelled” as what kind of person I am. I can be an angel today and a devil the next. I want to be just known as Belinda; the person that wants to be happy and make the best of her life.

What I want to say is, we can give advice but we should not impose our thoughts to others and expect them to get it. Everyone has their own processing growth, like myself. It took me decades to be who I really am today and I’m still lacking but improving!

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