Dragon Blood Stone Meaning, Healing Properties & Benefits

Dragon Blood Stone is comprised of Green Epidote and Red Piemontite.

Epidote is a natural magnifier of any and all energy in its environment and attracts what you output. Piemontite has been known to strengthen and rejuvenate the heart and heal the emotional body.

In natural form, Dragon Blood Stone has a rough, grainy texture. When polished, it has a glassy lustre.

Dragon Blood stones promote happiness, optimism and inner wisdom. It’s a stone of personal power which is why it’s a great manifestation stone too.

Dragon Stone is the perfect stone for all Chakras, but it’s most commonly associated with the Heart or Root Chakra. It works to activate and unlock these Chakras. Piemontite can be used to strengthen the Heart and Heart Chakra, as well as heal the emotional body. Its vibration complements Epidote in order to accelerate heart healing and aid in reconnecting the mind, heart and soul.

This beautiful stone works well with Rose Quartz as it enhances the strength of the Epidote and Piemontite’s heart vibrations.

It’s important to remember that Epidote attracts the energy that you put out. It’s very much has a karma-like influence to it in the sense of “what goes around comes around”.

This stone is often used in Feng Shui which you might like to research more on how to use them. Personally, I’m clueless when it comes to this. I personally connect with self and energies to place my crystals.

Zodiacs associated: Aries, Libra, Pisces

Remember the power is always within our consciousness and it is more powerful than any outer sources. When using gemstone balancing, do not put all your faith into it.

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