How Crystals and Spirituality Help Me Heal from Within

Being a mother as at age 18 isn’t easy and going through a divorce at 21 don’t make it any better.

I have struggled all my life financially as I’m the only one providing for my child and myself.

But I’m really blessed to have a mom that helps me take care of my child while I’m out earning a living. Things could have been a lot worse.

Fortunately, things started to turn around in 2019.

I started to learn more about tarot reading, crystals and being spiritual “awaken”.

To begin with, I’m not a spiritual person though I feel there’s a higher source out there. I follow Buddhism teaching as that helps me a lot as a person. But I do not believe in past or afterlife which is why till today, I still tell people I don’t have a religion.

Mother Earth is my religion if I need to choose.

As a strong believer of energies, I started to explore the benefits of crystals and what energies they hold within.

2020 is the best year I’ve lived since I was born.

To many, the pandemic brought a lot of negativities instead of positivity in their lives.

For me, because of the lockdown and all things happening, by chance or whatever, I started this online business on Home & Living.

Everything just started with boredom, exploring.

Did crystals help me to gain monetary wealth? Not yet but I’m still able to make ends meet.

I love what I do, it helps me to have an excellent mental state of mind. I’m at peace and loving life like never before. This to me is beyond monetary gain.

I felt I had transformed myself. Maybe it was the metaphysical properties that crystals carry, or it was all in the brain. But my mentality changed and so did my perception towards life in general.

This is probably what many people would call an “awakening.” I started to research more on the properties of scents, crystals etc to understand how to work with energies.

Everyone has different purposes in their lives and mine is probably sharing more on personal experience and helping people to walk out of negativity and find beauty in life.

And ever since I started creating my own crystal drinking bottles and diffusers, I got to know a lot of like-minded people and we share a lot about growth within ourselves.

Be empowered and strive to a better version of yourself yesterday.

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