It’s okay not to be okay

When I first bought this t-shirt, the thought was because of patients with mental health issues. It’s a way of my acceptance that I won’t shrug away from them. I believe everyone has this side of them, it’s just a matter of how severe it is. Like myself, I was told by someone that I’m not in the right state of mind before. It’s ok, we all have that crazy side of us somewhere 🙂

Shattering the mental health stigma, it’s ok for anyone to feel okay not to be okay. During different stages of our lives, we may experience we are not fine with some situations. It drains whenever there’s a point we can’t meet expectation or being misunderstood.

I remembered an incident when I was wearing this tee to a place. The receptionist actually told me she’s very thankful to read the words. She shared that she’s having a difficult time and the words gave her some comfort. We may be strangers but somehow, we got connect during that few minutes.

We never know another person story till it’s made known to us. With that said, I hope people learn to be more tolerant and be kind with their words. This also leads me to wonder about people that make negative comments on the net.

What bitterness they have deep within that they express words that hurt? What do they gain from there? Because most of the time, the situations are completely unrelated to them. They ended up being what’s label on them as cyber bullying, keyboard warriors etc. Are they seeking attention? Or is this an outlet for them to release as they have too much burden and expectation from others in their daily lives?

It’s okay not to be okay but when we identify a problem, find the courage to rectify. It takes a lot of strength but I trust if the intention is good, somehow, some way, the universe will come in and help. Like the saying, God helps those who help themselves.

I have experience that which is why I have faith and belief in the universe. Be it whatever faith you have or even you don’t, trust mother nature.

I have always told people my religion is nature. I’m a believer of energy. It’s something like radio waves. Like how I connect with nature. I get heal internally and that helps creates positive thoughts and also finding courage and strength to move on.

Hope you enjoy this read and gave you some insights for yourself.


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