Phoenix Stone Meaning, Healing Properties & Benefits

With a combination of chrysocolla, malachite and turquoise, Phoenix Stone will absorb negative energies and pollutants from the environment as well as cleanse all the chakras. This stone will promote self-realisation and open the heart to unconditional love.

It provides courage, emotional strength, self-confidence, dispels fears, and balances our yin/yang energy. Phoenix Stone is wonderfully powerful; it assists the spiritual evolution of the entire humanity not only of an individual. Phoenix Stone helps keep feelings such as hate and anger away.

Chrysocolla is a great stone to promote self-awareness and inner balance. Not only will it cleanse and recharge all the chakras, it will also calm them, creating flow and harmony and enabling them to work at their highest capacity and your spiritual and emotional well-being will thank you for it.

Malachite opens up and clears all the chakras, cleansing the spiritual field and making way for a fresh outlook on life. This stone is great for pulling you out of that rut, breaking toxic patterns and clearing your environment of stagnant energy, moving you forward, igniting motivation and even encouraging risk taking.

Turquoise is a highly prized stone due to its unique natural color. The healing properties of turquoise includes promoting stability and balance. It helps to instill calmness and relieve exhaustion and anxiety by keeping it close.

Zodiac associated: Aquarius

Remember the power is always within our consciousness and it is more powerful than any outer sources. When using gemstone balancing, do not put all your faith into it.

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