Red Agate, The Birthstone of August


Red Agate is a unique crystal that can dissipate the negative energies from your body and spirit. It also helps to cleanse the bad vibrations, eradicates negativity and pessimism too. A crystalline that repels negative forces and bad vibes, this gives the power to promote lasting connection.

Red agate brings vitality to move forward in the future. An amazing gemstone to bring up and lit the fire in your heart once again. Also called the warriors stone by many.

Red agate’s effects on stability are beyond the normal. The crystal stops the infatuation for things that aren’t necessary. One great fact about red agate is helping people who multi-task and those who juggle commitments. For artists, red agate helps them be expressive on their ideas and focus the mind to channel it into creativity.

This crystal needs to be discharged once a month or more. You can accomplish this by placing the crystal on running water. You can recharge the red agate under sunlight, or by using a rock crystal overnight.

A powerful crystal that induces self-acceptance and self-confidence. The stability that encourages someone to listen to their inner feelings and logically think about the truth. It deflects the negative and bitter assumption of your love and heals anger. It greatly helps people with traumatic disorders.

Key features:  Cleanse, Protection, Creativity

Zodiac signs associated: Capricorn

As a strong believer of energy and choice, I self-read and study about horoscopes and crystals. That doesn’t mean I allow these to take control of my life. Remember to evaluate and make choices you feel best at the point of time.

How to Cleanse Your Crystals

  • Soak them in clean water. Make sure the gemstones submerge completely in the water. You may add salt but not a compulsory. Leave them for 10 to 15 mins.
  • Drained the crystals and spread and lay them out on something flat.
  • Sun them in morning preferably. Leave them for at least half an hour. The purpose of this is to “absorb” the energy from the sunlight. You may also choose to do so during night, when the full moon is up.
  • Sage it if you like but not necessary.

Cleaning your crystals is not about superstitious. Just like your home, your clothes. You wash and clean them to rid the dirt.

Energies is like wind. You can’t see it but you feel them. How you take care of your environment plays a key factor on your own vibration. There no point to put crystals, gemstones, figurines, status etc. if you don’t bother to maintain them properly.

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