Thought of the Day – 20th July 2021

I have been selling crystals at Shopee since June and really happy it created a platform for me to connect and share with others on healing purposes.

The interaction via Chat, the kind reviews they gave, are so empowering that they may not be aware how helpful it is for my journey.

I’m so happy to be guided to this path that’s helping me so much for my personal growth.

Of course, it’s undeniable that I hope to make money but it’s not as important as to help people find their path and growing to be a better version of themselves. I just hope I can make enough to continue what I’m doing.

Knowing and receiving messages from them after some time really warms my heart. They shared about their growth, chat with me about their issues and concerns etc. Some have even share with me about how to improve on my products which is so valuable. THE KIND THOUGHTS. THE KIND INTENTIONS.

I really hope the community grows in a more positive direction and people learn to be kind with their words.

What society we want really depends on the community growth.

Many people these days are quick to judge (I’m also someone like that before). What I hope to share is, everyone has their stories and way of dealing with situations.

Everyday, I’m learning and cultivating and hopefully someday, I will see the ratio of love higher than hate.

Meantime, let’s us all learn to spread love instead of hate. If we can’t do so, at least keep our mouth shut when it comes to negativity.

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