Top Picks Crystals for School

Crystals are one of the biggest wellness trends right now, with many people claiming that they can increase focus, reduce stress, boost motivation, and help you manifest good vibes.

Be it you’re preparing for an exam, using for daily needs, projects, improve relationship in school, you have come to the right place.

Below are my top picks that will help to enhance and improve on your well-being. Of course, crystals aren’t the end-all, be-all cure for your mid-semester blues or senioritis, but they just might help you find a sense of balance.

Here are the best crystals for school to start using today, that may just help you find a sense of calm, focus, stress relief, or motivation.

Sodalite/Lapis Lazuli

Both of these stones are pretty similar in terms of the energy and benefits. They work with the third eye and throat chakras to clear the mind and sharpen your focus and intuition.

Lapis Lazuli increase wisdom and self-awareness while Sodalite brings confidence and improve on communication.

Rose Quartz

Known as the universal love stone, I will highly recommend this beautiful quartz for everyone to improve on relationships. Be it with your classmates or teachers, it creates harmony and when that happens, it makes learning much more fun and happier.


Known as the “sunset stone,” Carnelian is a gemstone that is thought to awaken power, and zest for life. It is also known to boost creativity and serves as a reminder to stay driven and motivated.


Amethyst is great for its calming effect and ability to alleviate stress. It also helps with insomnia which is a great crystal to have at your bedside. Being involved in campus leadership and having a job on top of being a full-time student can bring stress during a busy semester, so if you’re dealing with something similar, amethyst can be a calming crystal to have around.


Fluorite, also known as the “genius” stone, works with all of the seven chakras to intensify intuition and focus. It also helps to remove negativity and enhance creativity.


This stone brings hope and harmony to balance your life. It helps boost your confidence and enhance your leadership abilities, so if you’re getting ready to speak up at a big meeting, this is the stone for you. This stone works with the throat and heart chakras to help you be honest with yourself on navigating and communicating your emotions.


Mookaite, a crystal that is often used for cultivating mindfulness, and focusing on the “here and now.” It is an incredible tool to amplify your memory and help you remain calm during a hectic semester. Great as a motivation stone to bring along everywhere you go.

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