Turquoise, The Birthstone of December


Turquoise balances and aligns all the chakras, especially for Throat Chakra (5th Chakra). It helps to stabilize mood swings and instilling inner calm. It is excellent for depression and exhaustion. It also has the power to prevent panic attacks.

This special crystal feels the most at home when enticing you to let your true voice flow. It’s a stone that brings good luck, heals old wounds, and generally weaves more life affirming fortune into your world.

Deeply connected to the breath and as it brings a soothing cool water touch, it can help the breath and lungs find a deeper flow. Which means that everything from daily issues to panic attacks are kept at bay. Overall, Turquoise works best as a strengthening stone.

For those who are feeling burnt out or like their spirit is being weighed down, this stone knows how to effectively heal those life traps.

This is a must have stone for Sagittarius as Turquoise leans heavily on calmness and communication.

Sagittarians are often positive and optimistic and full of curiosity. They love to dream big and reach high and they can be a lot of fun to be around. With all this abundance comes a quick moving pace and this can sometimes lead to Sagittarians not being so great with their communication. This fast and frenetic star sign can be a little too direct and blunt for some people which does lead to a level of strife.

Key features:  Empowerment, Healing, Balance

Zodiac signs associated: Sagittarius

As a strong believer of energy and choice, I self-read and study about horoscopes and crystals. That doesn’t mean I allow these to take control of my life. Remember to evaluate and make choices you feel best at the point of time.

Cleaning your crystals is not about superstitious. Just like your home, your clothes. You wash and clean them to rid the dirt.

Energies is like wind. You can’t see it but you feel them. How you take care of your environment plays a key factor on your own vibration. There no point to put crystals, gemstones, figurines, status etc. if you don’t bother to maintain them properly.

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