Understanding about Crystal Healing and Reality

Understanding about Crystal Healing and Reality

I believe many of us wonder, is crystal healing something that really helps in healing and personal growth? The answer is a Yes and No, depending on what you are seeking.

Personally, from own experience, it’s a yes for me because of what I had experience in the last 4 years. This also led to why on this journey on empowerment.

See, if you have doubts about the power that lies within the energies of these crystals, this is definitely not your time to read or find out. Because, you will end up finding fault, having doubts and even to the extend of putting things or people down on their belief system. I was at that stage for the last 2 decades and I know exactly how some perceive. It’s no fault. It’s really about timing.

First and foremost, we need to know we are given choices in life. To make the right or wrong choices, we are the ones in control. Some people choose to right the wrongs while some decide to carry on what they feel they are stuck with and can’t make changes.

I have always told others that I’m not judgemental. I just state facts to people and because most people are defensive, they feel they are being judged. To me, I just share my views, get the person to acknowledge the mistake or fault and get it rectify. It’s that simple to me. I don’t walk away or attack people. They chose to walk away because they told me I made them feel naked.

Though all my years, I have been experiencing a lot of things that beyond explanations. It’s only from 2019 I came to start opening my “spiritual” side. Though I still have my “argument” with the Divine (higher source), I have reached a balance within myself for self-growth and improvement.

Crystals consist of energy within because of the connection between mother nature and the minerals.

When we strongly believe in something, the energy shifts and that’s when change happens.

For now, I can say I’m a 100% believer when it comes to energy and the shifting. I’m not sure if I will say that in another 3 years’ time but for NOW, it’s my belief.

You see, the reason why some people are stuck is because they probably swear by their belief system, be it whatever. Maybe along the way, they realized that they probably made a mistake to share and believe in something that’s not true. It’s not easy for people to admit their stupidity and wrong choices. So, the outcome, continue in a belief that’s fake or wrong. You can actually see the real-life situation when come to cult.

My role of what I’m doing in my business is about self-empowerment. Which means, we are our own master and we are the ones to make that hard decision to do the right thing.

Forgive yourself, if need be. Forgive others, not for them, but for yourself.

Forgiveness is one of the greatest gift one can have. And through cultivation and exterior elements, I am really happy from within that helped me a lot during my living years.

Crystals don’t change who you are. But when you make a choice to believe the energies within these stones, that’s when energy shift. IT IS STILL YOUR CHOICE TO MAKE CHANGES.

I am very willing to connect with anyone that wants to seek a better understanding to oneself. Anyone can reach me out if you feel you resonate with what I say. My personal mission for myself is to offer reality and hope every individual finds their self-worth.

I hope you enjoy this read and able to find comfort.

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