What Crystals are unsafe to use in water?

What Crystals are unsafe to use in water?

I decided to write this article as I’m selling Crystal-Infused Water Bottle.

Home Hut Glass Water Bottles are designed with a separate compartment for the water and crystals. By keeping the crystals separate from the drinking water, you get the benefits of the choice of crystals without worrying of toxins or particles!

Below is the list of Crystals that’s unsafe in water and there may be more. So please do your own research before placing any of your crystals to water, be it to wash or add to your drinking water.

Not Water Safe

  • Fluorite (especially SALT water)
  • Selenite
  • Apophyllite
  • Tangerine Quartz
  • Gypsum
  • Lepidolite
  • Azurite
  • Apatite
  • Halite
  • Malachite
  • Turquoise
  • Ulexite
  • Labradorite
  • Celestite
  • Pyrite
  • Hematite

The results of using the above crystals in water will lead to either of the followings:

  • Dissolve
  • Crack
  • Rust
  • Toxic Fumes

Do also check out ColdBrewBarbie on YouTube! She shares a lot of knowledge about crystals which is really helpful though not everything I agree with but respect everyone has their perspectives.

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