Why I so Intrigued by Perpetrators

I am always intrigued by perpetrators, not because I’m one but I wanna understand how they became who they are.

Reason: because by understanding what’s behind the curtains, we can do our best to prevent the birth of one.

I have been reading books during my 20s about serial killers. I wanna understand why they do what they did.

At times, it’s because they are psychopaths. But most times, it’s actually they do not want to be the victims and they change their thoughts with their inner voice to protect themselves and commit destructive situations.

My heart goes to victims, with no second thoughts. But instead of the blaming part, I chose to work on preventing the birth of a monster.

Through my years of watching true crimes and reading, I realized many monsters became who they are because of being abused since young. What they went through is so sad and painful but what went wrong is, they chose to be the perpetrators. Being in the one in power ensure their safety zone. To cause the hurt instead of being the one getting hurt.

Over time, they became the monster and became obsessed about it.

My personal thought process is a little different from others.

Example about scammers. My first thought is, what actually drives this person to do to the victim? We are fully aware what a victim feels because at times in life, we are victims at certain point of our life.

But did we look into what the scammers did what they did? They are some that are just lazy and wanted quick money while there are some that did so is because they need to food on the table.

So, what is the conclusion I have about the issues:

  • Abused
  • Poverty

I’m doing what I doing is because I hope in time to come, I come into contact to the above type of people.

I can’t create miracles. But I will do my best to connect with people that suffer from abuse and poverty to find a way out.

But one mustn’t be lazy and expect easy way out.

I went through so much in life that I really make myself go through the tough way.

It’s to prove that no matter how tough the journey is, I can bite the bullet and see the rainbow.

Everything is an excuse if things don’t work out. I put myself in the difficult position not because I don’t have easy way out. My purpose is to go through the pain and difficulty and be a living proof that we path the way we want. No one is to be blamed for our life.  

My ultimate purpose is for people to be empathetic but with the wisdom to know who is taking advantage and who deserves help.

And I want to highlight this.

I’m doing what I’m doing is not that I’m a good or bad person.

But I set a goal in life to do my best to create a better world during my living years. It doesn’t define who I am because I always believe, today I can be an angel, the next day I can be a devil. Don’t let labels hold you back in life.

It’s best if you choose to do good for community. If you don’t, just bear the consequences and stop the bullshit why you did what you did.

Everyday, we are given the chance to make choices, as long as we are still breathing and alive.

Make the right choice and find comfort when you rebuild yourself.

I’m experiencing now and I will keep doing what I believe in, even I need to let some people down.

I have a goal I believe in but I am not God.

What I learn is, I value myself and need no validation. Because like what I always tell others; people will always have something to say even if you are an angel.

The purpose of this article is, if you get to read, if you have a dark side, it’s okay. If you have intention to change for the better, reach out to me.

I don’t judge like how I did in my past. Everyone has their story even if they are a monster.

I just hope by connecting, I help someone to see the beauty of life and promote in their own circle to do good in life.

Let’s find the balance!

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