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our story

Hello there! Yes! It’s you!

Thanks for popping by. I’m Belinda, founder of Home Hut Dot Me #homehutdotme

There are two sections of this website; Home Hut & Dot Me.

Home Hut is an online home & living retail store. I started with the thoughts of selling products that helps create an environment within our home that makes us feel good and positive. All merchandises are carefully curated for individual’s identity and self-empowerment.

Dot Me #dotme section is very much more about personal experience and life journey. Because I didn’t want it to be just an online store. I hope to share experience with others, connecting regardless. I’m very excited with this new endeavor, especially for Dot Me section. I hope what I shared is able to provide insights for others. Personally, I have found my courage and strength through online articles, videos and lessons by others.

Here, I will also like to share the creation of my logo.

Home Hut logo was created with the thought of mirroring. “Home” represents our body/mind while “Hut” represents our heart. The shorter side of letter H represent times we may feel fragile or imbalance within. For the longer side, it’s thicker and also representing working on oneself to be grounded and stable. By connecting them together, it’s coming together as 1 – our body, mind and soul. And that’s when empowerment begins.

Last but not least, I really appreciate your time to read and also, do help to like, share and follow me at Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. I’m devoting my lifetime to do this because it makes me so happy to pursue what I love and able to be the authentic me. No judgment but acceptance.


(Namaste is known as “bow to you” but for me, I connect as the word “gratitude”)