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Ajoite, aka Phoenix Stone – Properties & Benefits

Ajoite will help you connect to the angelic realm. It will connect you to the Divine and bring forth a deeper knowledge and understanding that you can share with others. It holds very strong feminine and goddess energy which is very nurturing, supportive, and soothing.

Ajoite will make your dreams a reality by boosting your self-confidence and infusing you with energies of motivation and inspiration.

If you’re a creative individual who uses ideas and emotions to earn a living, Ajoite can be a source of wonderful inspiration.

Ajoite can engage your inner vision and higher understanding as well as the emotional self. It has a calming and uplifting effect on the emotional body. It can help those are subject to extreme emotional polarities or who are prone to excessive anger or fear. It helps you gain perspective on situations that are emotionally charged and can help you to understand the underlying emotional basis for the experience.

This stone will aid you in finding forgiveness for yourself and others.

  • Nurturing
  • Strength
  • Improve Communication
  • Value Self-Worth
  • Helps Healing with Trauma
  • Activates Throat Chakra
  • Great for Meditation for Grounding and Focus

Astrological Signs: Virgo

*Suitable for people that already have some knowledge about crystal stones, crystal healing and seeking the above benefits.

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