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Mookaite – Properties & Benefits

Mookaite helps cleanse, clear, stimulate and balance, therefore bringing you back your power and strength. The yellow shades that Mookaite jasper contains go hand in hand with strengthening, balancing, cleansing and clearing the solar plexus chakra.

It is a powerful stone for protection that alerts us to possible dangers and wrong decisions. As a grounding stone, it centers and stabilizes us during stressful periods and tribulations. The connection to the heart also enables it to bring this grounding force to our emotional state. Mookaite also reinvigorates both our personal will and physical bodies, allowing us to successfully pursue our professional and personal endeavors.

  • Open Mind to different Perception
  • Nurturing
  • Boost Positivity & Overcome Fear
  • Grounding & Stability
  • Strengthen Will Power

Astrological Signs: Cancer (birthstone), Capricorn, Aries, Taurus & Leo

*Suitable for beginners with no or minimum knowledge about crystal stone and crystal healing.

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