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Moonstone – Properties & Benefits

Considered a feminine stone, Moonstone often has a positive impact on hormone balance. This can help with fluctuating emotions and confusion. It is also useful in easing pain during menstruation and childbirth.

It also makes you more receptive to nurturing, meaning you’ll be less closed off from other people.

Moonstone carries the tune of “new beginnings”. Transfusing the moon’s powerful energy to human soul, the stone improves your intuition, lets you get past the melancholy and grievance. Thus, moonstone powers an individual to the ‘new’ self.

  • Activate Intuitive Power
  • Nurturing
  • Yin Yang Balance
  • Helps with Insomnia (including children that’s hyperactive)
  • Calming & Grounded
  • New Beginnings

Astrological Signs: Gemini, Cancer, Libra and Scorpio

Birthstone by Month: June & September

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