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Setonite aka African Bloodstone – Properties & Benefits

Setonite is a powerful stone of protection and ideal for those of us who work in hazard occupations and conditions, to prevent injury or wounds. Associated to the powerful fire of Aries; the balanced wisdom of Libra; and the romantic sensitivity of Pisces. Setonite helps us face challenges, conquer fears, and move to action. It also assists in physical healing by opening, activates, and heals the Root Chakra.

It has long been associated with abundance in all things and is used by many to form part of a manifestation grid to attract an abundance of wealth, health and happiness.

It is also helpful for a confused mind, bringing calm and clarity and heighten intuition.

  • Protection
  • Attract Wealth & Abundance
  • Grounding & Strength
  • Balancing Energies

Astrological Signs: Aries, Libra, Pisces

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